Twiga, Million $$$ Dream

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Ted Dibiase, the infamously moronic early 90s pro-wrestler, is the biggest asshole in WWF history. Watching interviews of him is like witnessing Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down take up wrestling and actually become a real human being. So naturally, his demise is intriguing; an ostentatious man whose talent and riches utterly fail him at earning the championship of his own creation is an inherently satisfying concept. But somewhere deep down within me and within Brooklyn based jangle pop band Twiga, a tiny violin plays for this sad example of squandered masculinity. Twiga embraces the pathetic and universally relatable feeling of failure in their newest EP Million $$$ Dream. The name and title track are in reference to Dibiase’s on screen identity, the “Million Dollar Man” who creates a wrestling championship for himself because he can’t win an actual WWF championship, and who is eventually defeated by his personal assistant. (Cue tiny violin.)

Dibiase’s larger than life backstory competes for attention with Twiga’s huge step up in production on this EP. Produced at Thump Studios, Million $$$ Dream elevates Twiga to an entirely new level of sound with hazy riffs to tame harsh lyrics of disappointment, missed opportunities, and avoidance of responsibility. Lyricist Dave Lucas’ coos the words “You’re so damn gullible, can you really blame me?” nurturing the asshole in all of us over a wandering guitar riff on the title track. The second track, “Phi” muses about wasting time over intoxicating instrumentals, and “Ballad of Rainy Dave” shakes up Lucas’ droning vocals with a discordant guitar. In a balance of opposites, this EP has its head in the clouds, but its feet on the ground. Twiga’s “Million $$$ Dream” has an effortless ease that makes it a strong contender for your new driving-down-PCH soundtrack, and isn’t afraid to embrace the natural phenomenon of failure.

Million $$$ Dream is out today, along with an exclusive t-shirt release. The EP release show will happen tonight at Gold Sounds, complete with a Halloween DJ set from band member Dave Lucas.