Velvet Davenport redeem our approval

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When we first encountered Velvet Davenport, we were turned off. Album art involving nude girls covered in red body paint, lounging in the forest does not tickle our fancy.

Velvet Davenport's debut Happy Ending was a solid introduction with awful album art. The group redeemed itself by dropping a free tape follow up on Moon Glyth Tape, making the Minneapolis psych-kids are alright in our book. We are excusing the previous album's art, as the content on Lemon Drop Square Box is 14 minutes on a strawberry field trip. This is not your average tape release, there's a concept. It tells the story of someone opening a box of candy
to find baby Venus inside. With each song this fortunate soul must take care
of the goddess.
“Drop” (heard below) is a jangly, play date with baby Venus, as they roll down a hill in a giant tire and look at the trees through kaleidoscopes.

Download the tape here