Wale's “Cook Up” with Maybach posse

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Maybach Music Group

The question circulating around rap blogs as of late ponders “is Maybach music gonna be a problem?” Rick Ross is getting his Diddy on, creating a family to do all his dirty work in the streets, see also: Master P on/soldiers in the trenches. Self Made set the tone and next week Wale drops his Young, Gifted and Black mixtape to keep the hypemachine in motion.

On “Cook Up” Wale invites Maybach teammate Stalley to elaborate on exactly how they each are bubbling like cooked crack. Things get real verbose when Wale cuts the track to announce, “Hip-Hop for life and fellatio from the wife of anybody who don’t like it.” Hide ya wives from Maybach music, ya'll.

Wale, “Cook Up” (feat. Stalley, Black Cobain and Tone P)

Young, Gifted and Black is out June 7.