When Satan brings you gold

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Watain Reaping Death cover artwork

The wrath of Satan's blade has never spared the music industry.

Generations may pass, but metal is always one of the biggest selling genres. And while muscular men with homoerotic tendencies may be the norm in the States, across the dark waters of the Atlantic abyss to the cold shores of Sweden, the face-painted pagan-try of Satanic death metal reins supreme. The levels of its popularity have always been shrouded in the news of church burnings and murders to decide who is the most evil musician, but now we have a gold record to give us an indication.

As reported by Seasons of Mist, Watain's Reaping Death went certified gold in its first week of sales. Of course, death metal going gold is not unheard of, but in such a short period of time and in this era of decreased album sales, it's pretty impressive. Almost as impressive as lead singer Erik Danielsson's response:

“No matter how awkward it feels to be
a part of the materialistic record business, and even more so being
rewarded by its filthy capitalistic measures, we will still accept this
award with a poisoned smile. The same smile with which we have kissed
your sons and daughters with Reaping Death. We see this disc of gold
as a trophy, a trophy of a successful hunt for their souls.”

According to Watain, the cover image for Reaping Death (above) pays tribute to Cain, the firstborn murderer. The illustration depicts triumphant Cain upon his slain brother Abel,
undergoing the transformation from a slave of creation to a Lord of
Uncreation. Behind him burns the fire of Lucifer, and his children
dance around it in joyful ecstasy. With the murder of Abel, the gates of Death were opened for the first time, by an act of lawless will. The song “Reaping Death” is a celebration of this act, a hymn to the hungry fire that dwell within the hearts of the bloodline of Cain.