We answer Homeboy Sandman's question of wants

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Homeboy Sandman

Homeboy Sandman dropped the Oddisee produced cut “Watchu Want From Me?” a few days ago, a glimpse into his full length debut on Stones Throw, First Of A Living Breed. The title, “Watchu Want From Me?”, is the chorus in a nutshell as Sandman lends insight into his modus operandi and self-interests on the verses. It's what we've come to expect from Sandman. His elastic flow bleeds the bar structure together as he let's the rhythm hit us over the head, but it's not a pummeling of lectures and explaining one's disposition.

Well, Sandman you asked what we want. Here's a short list of sincere requests, polite suggestions, and hopes. In no way are these demands:
1. A concise full length, preferrably around 12 songs. We love you, but don't get wrapped up in writing a three act LP.
2. Do you, which we are barely worried about, but it's Stones Throw and they've got an aesthetic. We'd prefer you stay true.
3. One unexpected, but totally “knock our socks off” guest appearance. Possibly another Queens representative (past or present)?
4. One quasi-political track.
5. One track that has that “go in” vibe to it, where the cadence and rhyme scheme is dizzying or of a style not yet displayed by you.
6. Nightly freestyle sessions on our tour dates with Brother Ali.

Last Of A Living Breed is out September 18 on Stones Throw.