Weed Hounds return!

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weed hounds

When we last checked in with Weed Hounds, we remarked on their remarkable ability to sound like an early Slumberland underdog.

They've released two new tracks to the series of interconnecting tubes, and we're wondering if their response tracks aimed at eradicating any remnants of twee. Or whether they're going for gold.

I don't know the dude(s) behind You Aint Picasso well enough to know if someone was being double-layer snarky when he wrote and then crossed out the speculation that Weed Hounds have “potential to be a crossover hit in all the key demographics” before settling on “might make your weekday a little more enjoyable.” But maybe Picasso's right, on both counts. Maybe these new tracks resulted from the band pondering Steve Albini, the rise of Stereolab, and Riannah's recent autograph signing appearance at the new Best Buy at Union Square.

On one of the songs, “Beach Bummed,” the choral mantra goes “Wash until it's sterilized / Don't believe in compromise/ No need to apologize,” which also might be double-layer snarky, right?

Keep 'em coming, Hounds!

Weed Hounds, “Hard Drivin'”

Weed Hounds, “Beach Bummed”