Wet, “It’s All In Vain”

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Wet Con't You

Months after announcing they had signed with Columbia Records and dropping a teaser for a forthcoming album Don’t You, Brooklyn synth-pop trio (they, of the now defunct @Kanywet Twitter handle) Wet have premiered the opening track to their major label debut, “It’s All in Vain”. A sensual break-up ballad, the song begins with ambient tones accompanying Kelly Zutrau’s nearly a capella performance, until about the 45-second mark when the chorus kicks in with warm synth and electronic drums.

Triple high-hats resonate as Zutrau accuses her lover of being unfaithful. Her baby denies any foul play but Zutrau sings, “I learned your way/ I learn so slowly.” She’s made up her mind and this song is her kiss off as she walks out the door. The power of “It’s All in Vain” is that it manages to sound minimal when, in reality, it is a subtly layered gem building up and up but still leaving lots of airy room to breathe.

Don’t You will be released January 29 on Columbia. You can stream “It’s All In Vain” below.