Wetdog arrives on Captured Tracks

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Aren't girls who play in punk bands just the best?

We haven't had a legitimate girl-group explosion yet, but considering the numbers, it should happen soon. Whatever stranglehold the Jonas Brothers may have on the panties of
America's tweenage girls, would be dwarfed by the reaction of men everywhere if any of the great
girl-groups currently circulating the indie-underground goes mainstream. And with releases by UK bands like Pens and Wetdog officially hitting our shores, it seems more and more like an inevitability.

Captured Tracks is responsible for putting out Wetdog's Frauhaus! here in the States later this month, though many of the tracks have been circulating the Euro-blogs for a minute. With their decidedly (appropriate) Fall-take on the punk paradigm, it's refreshingly new to my ears given the recent garage/psych bombardment of late.

Wetdog, “Treehorne Beach Song”

Wetdog, “Lower Leg”