Wicked Fag v. Persona La Ave

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The nefarious UUU Tapes has dropped its third and fourth cassette releases all at once, and we're left deciding which to cover, since we have to focus our honed, critical ears on only one thing at a time.

Can it be the new wavering basement damage of Wicked Fag and their six track EP that shouts Mancunian crooner one track (“Mary”) and Chariots of Fire the next (“Theme from Wicked Fag”)?

Wicked Fag, “Mary”

Wicked Fag, “Theme from Wicked Fag”

Or how about the effortlessly chilled and gelled synthetic curves of Persona La Ave?

Persona La Ave, “Backroads”

Persona La Ave, “Beach”6

Choices are hard.

(And from short step or shallow center field, this Gobble Gobble remix of Persona La Ave):

Persona La Ave, “Beach” (Gobble Gobble Remix)

Info on the goods here.