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wise blood

Wise Blood is the weirdo-R&B project of some dude named Chris Laufman. He mimics Prince, with a gentle falsetto over the harshest of samples that range from the drums on “When The Levee Breaks” to what sounds like the ambient sounds El-P used for the Cannibal Ox record.

Will Wise Blood ever travel to your city for a live set? Probably not. Will Wise Blood get signed to Lefse/Waaga? Probably not, but it could happen. There's no telling the seriousness behind Wise Blood's mad hatter project, but one thing is certain – this shit is catchy. The art of sampling on this EP rests somewhere between the aggressive chopping of My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts and the obviousness of Paul's Boutique. I would totally listen to How To Dress Well if it sounded more like this and less like time spent traveling up the loft elevator to Ryan Schreiber's high rise.

Download Wise Blood's '+' here.

Wise Blood, “Hannah Motown”