Wise Blood finds his narrative

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These Wings EP

As Chris Laufman, a.k.a. Wise Blood, carries on the climate keeps shifting. Upon his debut, it was shmaltzy white-boy lo-fi, but now R&B is getting stranger by the hour with Frank Ocean and The Weeknd occupying our wildest and seediest of interests. We're all novacaned up in a hotel room littered with night-worn bodies laughing at our reflections in the bathroom mirror. Wise Blood is not quite with the party, but his official debut EP These Wings has him on the elevator towards the penthouse level with a special key in his jacket pocket.

With a tracklisting for These Wings now officially laid out, it feels almost inferrable that a narrative arc will be presented in These Wings as the snowstorm rendevouz on “Loud Mouths” lies in the beginning of the EP and the bonus cut called “Penthouse Suites” is tucked away after the outro, still not quite there, but definitely on the high rise wings of an elevator. It's clear Wise Blood is willing his aspirations in the course of the EP and no loud mouth dame is going to drag him down, nor does it appear she gets the +1 invite to the top. Call it a suspicion, but when Laufman sings of “send your word,” it is The Word he speaks of. In the latest hours he's in the company a higher power asking questions and not expecting it from a debutante.

Wise Blood is on tour with Friendly Fires through June. His debut EP These Wings is out August 2 on Dovecote.

These Wings tracklisting:
01 Fantasize (Intro)
02 Darlin' You're Sweet
03 Loud Mouths
04 I'm Losing My Mind
05 Nosferatu
06 The Lion (Outro)
07 Penthouse Suites (bonus cut)

Wise Blood, “Penthouse Suites”