Wistappear, “Sistersong”

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Wistappear‘s “Sistersong” feels like having major ADHD during a Wes Anderson Film. We know because we’ve been there… more than once.

Yes, more than once because we keep going back; the point being that Wistappear has a special quality that we can’t quite grasp, but that we definitely don’t want to stop listening to. Their new single, “Sistersong,” has a refreshingly unexpected sing-songy vibe with a musical approach that is surprisingly… bouncy? 

At times, they’re almost reminiscent of The Beatles. A split second later, they’ll sound like something you’d hear through the rabbit hole (the one in Alice in Wonderland where things get a little wonky, steampunk-y, psychedelic, and straight up confusing). In a good way, of course. 

Indeed, there’s something about the up-and-down, fidgety sounding music and the undeniable richness to the vocals that we just can’t get enough of. There are definite moments during which the song is pure genius, and we totally want to see this enigmatic mystery men live. Grrr… why can’t we figure you out?! (Just kidding. We like that).

You literally just have to listen to it, because these quirky indie-rockers are totally elusive. We like to call it like we see it, and when it comes to indie-rock, their lack of predictability could also be called originality. Long story short: they make some great music.

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