Work Drugs rework Bon Iver's “Beth/Rest”

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With Bon Iver's “Beth / Rest” remix contest in full effect, Philadelphia's Work Drugs stepped up to the challenge, turning the artfully auto-tuned Justin Vernon vocal stems into an aerobic breathing mantra. Escaping the urban Philly beat for the rural Pennsylvanian mountain regions in the Northeast, they utilized a found out-dated PC and let the inspirational light guide them from a certain founding member of Chicago, to whom this remix pays homage with the keyboard and woodwinds smoothly built around the “this is our turn now” thesis. Or in their own words:

“Work Drugs traveled to a small cabin in a densely wooded area of The Poconos to find inspiration for the Bon Iver remix challenge. Using a 10 year old Packard Bell found along the roadside, Work Drugs crafted the “Beth / Rest” remix with an outdated version of Windows Sound Recorder. This remix is dedicated to Peter Cetera.”

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