Xander Harris, “Sky Pivot”

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xander harris

Tomorrow is important for two reasons: not only is it the first Saturday in September, making it the most depressing of the year (summer is over, y'all), but it is also Cassette Store Day. Whether the plan to have CSD fall on the saddest day of the year was intentional, we'll never know, but it's right up our alley when we'll be needing an end-of-fun-times pick-me-up. Pour Le Corps Records, one of the greatest labels for cool and exciting new releases, has announced they're putting out a special cassette for tomorrow's holiday that—get this—you can get for free without even leaving your house. One of the first tracks from the release is this great, spaced-out Xander Harris track called “Sky Pivot” that will help you deal with your end of summer malaise by helping you turn off your mindbrain and tune into your heartbrain.

If you don't feel like leaving your house, you can go here to get the Pour Le Corps comp, and with only a nonimal fee, they'll ship one right to your door. How about that for staying inside and fighting off the fall terrors?