X.O., One.One.Ten

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One third of Diamond District, X.O. dropped a solo on New Years Day. Calling it One.One.Ten, he's convinced a new decade is going to yield a rejuvenation for hip hop.

The DMV has officially captured national interest and it's about damn time. It's a movement rooted in the boom bap traditions of its surrounding northern metropolis', but intent on reinventing those hip hop archetypes into a sound purely representative of the D.C. area. To put it in The Wire terms, that's how they're going to carry it.

Diamond District often gets the criticism that the MCs do not stand out on tracks. Well, X.O. is going to change those opinions. On “Black Broadway” he homages all his favorite black musicians with raps like, “smoking that Parliament Funkadelic/ because I got a lot going on like whatever George Clinton wearing… seeing n****s assed-out like Prince / had me saying I can't live my life like this.” X.O.'s solo One.One.Ten features production from AB the Producer and Oddisee with guest spots from Tabi Bonney, Raheem Devaughn and Allison Carney.

Download One.One.Ten here.

X.O., “1.1.10”

X.O., “Black Broadway”