Yalls, “High Society”

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Dan Casey has had a breakthrough as Yalls, this much is apparent without discussing the matter of his upcoming United LP with him directly. One simply has to give passing listens to lead single, “Warlords”, his recent collaboration with Squadda B for the Dream Collabo series, and latest single, “High Society”, to understand United as the most anticipated electronic record of May.

On”Warlords” Casey's navigates his composition on a spaceship powered on synthesizers, crafting a maximalist soundtrack of pop bliss. “High Society” steers the the listener towards the polar opposite, as funereal organs drag the atmosphere down to wallow in a bad day's malaise. Casey first two offerings from United illuminate the diversity of the full length, and suggest a journey to his record as we begin to theorize how he'll transition us between those high highs and lowest of lows.

Yalls' United is out May 6 on Gold Robot.