You Are Plural, “Rabbit Rabbit”

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After being lucky enough to indulge in an early listen of You Are Plural’s new album, Rabbit Rabbit, due out December 1, I can say with assurance that the indie-pop scene is in for an upheaval. Hailing from Olympia, WA, You Are Plural consists of drummer Chad Austinson, and the multitalented Ephriam Nagler and Jen Grady, both of whom have voices of angels; Nagler’s trenchant and lucid vocals sound uncannily similar to those of Sufjan Stevens. Pair that with the instrumental coupling of a Wurlitzer and cello and we see a door opened into a new corner of modern day pop music. Tracks like “The Best is Yet To Come,” show off their capacity for song writing as the trio modestly sits back while sneakily entrancing us with complex melodies through minimalistic arrangements. Yet to get a full feel for their large range of attack, “We Are Cold,” features huge emcompassing classical strings that play off the fragile tone of the Wurlizter, showcasing the emotion put into this album. Check out a couple songs from the album below.

Rabbit Rabbit is out December 1 on SWU Records.