Young Fathers, “Get Up”

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Young Fathers

As the Edinburgh trio sets their sights on releasing their album Dead in the next month, “come here and do the right thing” with Young Father's new single “Get Up”. We got introduced to the Liberian, Nigerian by Scotland fraternal/patriarchal plight through the introductory poetics and beat tectonics on the EPs Tape 1 and Tape 2 and now prepare for the grand and heavy main event.

The previous singles “War” and “Low” march like the preparatory phases and stages for a full scale battle involving a multitude of nations. So fittingly on “Get Up”, the triple attack of Kayus Bankole, Graham Hastings, Alloysious Massaquoi bring a call to action with a conscious tfervor to, “come here and do the right thing”, with the metal barrel bursting trot of galloping percussion and tape dubbed breaks. The scenarios spin in a trans-global series of slippery situations where the grit is met with the “get up and have a party” hook, mixing revelry with risk like in the couplet, “I heard you got guns, well I got fun”. The production hits with a brutal force with an impact that is ominous, but bursts ahead with an immediate punch of fight, flight, and a pinch of fancy.

The single, b-sides and video for Get Up will be available January 27 (UK) and January 28 (US) on digital via iTunes.

Dead will be available from Anticon / Big Dada February 3.

Young Fathers take on the UK and EU via the following dates: