Young Trynas, “$”

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Young Trynas only have one recording out, a five-song EP of scrappy, pummeling punk that’s over all  too soon. Fronted by Taylor Mulitz of Priests on guitar and vocals, the band draws from a similar kind of rage but channeled through deadpan post-punk speak-shout: “I need a job / I won’t work hard / when’s pay day? / I need money,” goes the calm and cool opening of “$”, before noisy riffs and cycling drums crash into full-out throaty shouts of “NEED A JOB/PAY MY RENT” and “FUCK YOU PAY ME”. It’s a simple enough narrative, but the back-and-forth between quiet and loud echoes a certain kind of capitalism-driven paranoia about stability in a way that’s creepy and perfect. Young Trynas are kind of a supergroup, featuring Emma Baker from Big Hush on drums and Eva Moolchan from Sneaks on bass; Probably Music was originally self-released on a small run of tapes in 2013, then pressed to vinyl by White Denim Records in January.