Yours Are the Only Ears, “fire in my eyes”

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Kanye West wasn’t the only one to release a song in the final hours of 2014. Yours Are the Only Ears, the project of The Epoch’s Susannah Cutler, also released a sentimental track that promises great things for 2015. Accompanied by Double Double Whammy’s Dave Benton, Cutler’s serene “fire in my eyes” reflects the uncertainties in a relationship. “Will you try not to lie? / Ignore the sword between your thighs / The women that you’ve compromised / Ignore the fire in my eyes,” she murmurs. Yours Are the Only Ears has not released many songs, but this only makes the rare recording even more meaningful.

Stream “fire in my eyes” below:

Yours Are the Only Ears has alluded to an upcoming album, but for now, check out her other singles on bandcamp.