Youth Man, Bad Weather EP

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youth man

The last time we mentioned Birmingham in these pages, it was in favor of a little-known but should-be-known band called Human Hands, whose debut single “String” was having our post-emo minds blown. In a delivery from a new postpunk three-piece Youth Man, the same elements of caustic rage and rugged guitar noise are present, but this time with a female vocalist whose accent is as sharp-edged as it is commanding. Don't expect any part of this to ease up, either. As soon as you enter into “Heavy Rain”, the first track on the Bad Weather EP, you'll be on a minor melody scuzz ride, like getting soaked with gasoline then dried in a dryer filled with nails. Kaila Whyte, we fully support your fierceness.

You can stream the Bad Weather EP below, then head to their Bandcamp for a CD copy of the album.