Yung Gutted, Towers II EP

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When DJ Shadow released “Midnight In A Perfect World” it fantasized of a nocturnal utopia, an escapism to a transcendentalists haven where constellatory and planetary alignment was not only possible, but the stasis of being. It was a reason to stay up late getting lost in the tranquility of after hours. Yung Gutted exists in spectral opposition of “Midnight In A Perfect World”. His aesthetic is purely midnight music, but hinged to the mania of lunar psychosis. As a member of the Nocturnal Sons Posse, Yung Gutted overdoses on the live-evil side of 90s rap without lapsing into the camp of horrorcore.

Recently Gutted tweeted a link to the Towers II EP, which features guest appearances by Face Vega of Gorgeous Children, Czarquan, and oddly enough, Carlos Hernandez of Ava Luna. The EP deepens the trenches of Yung Gutted’s repertoire. The sound expansion does not let go of the midnight mantra, but its not limited to noir stress rap—particularly on “Inhuman Pt.2” which occupies a D’Angelo like swing if The Ummah were behind the boards. A distinctive standout wedged into an EP played in the key of John Carpenter.

Download the Towers II EP here.