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At times this new Brooklyn duo comes off like kissing cousins to HEALTH's brand of destructo-guitars bashing against dreamy vocals, like on “With Fangs”, a track the band's kindly sent along for our enjoyment that will appear on an upcoming 7-inch along with “Vibrations” (also previewed here), and two other tracks, “Plussed” and “Less”.

If they're related to HEALTH, they're off on the less severe branch on the family tree, betraying a lighter side on the frolicking cool-outs in “Vibrations” that dare we say frolic to the finish line.

Yvette, “With Fangs”

Yvette, “Vibrations”

Yvette are a young band but they're already playing some solid local gigs, including an upcoming show opening for Pterodactyl and Old Time Relijun at Cake Shop tomorrow.