Zac Nelson, Charbroile Remixed

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Charbroile Remixed

A year and two days ago we premiered Kenseth Thibideau's remix to “Good Ole Boy March” by Zac Nelson, off his Charbroile LP. The remix is released in anticipation of a full Charbroile Remixed album, which never came to fruition. Drum roll, please…

Zac Nelson's Charbroile Remixed is streaming below and features remixes by ALAK, Mike Shippy, Michael RJ Saalman, and Hubble, among others. The collection fearlessly experiments with Nelson's weirdo pop tableau, stumbling upon discoveries in respect to the source. It's like when the Goonies find One-Eyed Willy's treasure, but pay honor to the owner by leaving him a share of the booty. The remixes never take liberties, mutating Nelson's work beyond recognition, but rather tribute Charbroile for possessing an originality that cannot be mistaken or obscured.

Zac Nelson's Charbroile is still streaming and available on 150 Gram clear vinyl at Debacle's Bandcamp.

In addition to debuting Charbroile Remixed, we have a video for “Be Wilder/ Edge Strut” shot and directed by Seth Walker Pereira and edited by Nelson. The video imitates a microscopic glimpse of contamination to a intense degree of dramatic affect as the track builds in shrieking guitar wails. As Nelson sings of “love is love”, the toxic blue substance trickles through a natural terrain, like an alien strain that cannot be trusted.