Zammuto's new brews

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Zammuto is indeed the offspring of Books co-founder/songwriter Nick Zammuto, on a more solid tact towards organic songwriting with huge dollops of that instinctive cut-up structuralism that's achieved in a given Books song by the splicing of a galaxy's worth of found samples. (There's a few aptly placed samples in this three-track collection too. See “F U C -3PO”.) Mainly though, the sense of fracturing set up on these songs come from the slap of a few bass notes and an abstract percussionist's fanciful sense of meter and N. Zammuto's general frenetic songwriting pace. The arc set up here from “Idiom Wind” into the auto-tuned “Weird Ceiling” also opens the stage for some serious digressions from what's expected from the Books-Zammuto train, towards less of that “electro-acoustic”, into hair-raising electro. The three tracks will appear on a limited single on UK label Make Mine.