Zs, “Corps”

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“Corps”, the lead single off Zs upcoming full length, XE, is a hypnotic track, lasting over 12 minutes, and continues in Zs’ fascinating exploration of rhythmic and psychedelic textures. Zs is a perfect example of a group of musicians who are constantly entering the infinite space of hypnotic improvisation, and although they are a band best experienced live, their recordings (all done live) exist purely in the moment.

The track fully embodies unity in a grandiose fashion, falling in and out of cohesion in an exciting, traveling sonic world. Greg Fox’s prolific drumming is a stunning addition to the wash of clicking, and ultimately ambient back-rhythms. His kick drum pulses quietly and subtly, locking the groove until it dissolves completely.

Descriptors are the only tools at my disposal when discussing music like this, because most of the time it’s easier to sit back and lose yourself in the sound scape being laid down, where thought doesn’t matter and experience is what’s important.

XE is available January 27 on here via Northern Spy. Stream “Corps” below.