Anika's new EP with Geoff Barrow

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We were just starting to wonder about Anika. We talked with Geoff Barrow and his fellow Beak> dudes before their DJ set and Sunday performance in NYC, but as you'll see later this week, the topics of future projects with Portishead, Quakers, and Anika were not on their minds as much as which movies made them weep.

Stones Throw picked up the slack by letting loose “In The City” on Anika's upcoming EP. The funky backbeat taunts us, as “In The City” feels like a cover from a Blaxploitation-era Mayfield record and would be right at home on The Warriors original motion picture soundtrack. UPDATE: “In The City” is a Chromatics cover.

With a few dub alt-takes from Anika's self-titled debut, the EP feels like a friendly reminder that Anika and Geoff once made a record three years ago and much like the EP it is in print, but collecting some undeserving dust in the warehouse.

The Anika EP is out in April on Stones Throw.