Apollo Music buys hoarder house packed with 250,000 records

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hoarder house

In one of the few examples of the upside of hoarding, one vinyl wholesale/reseller got very lucky when they were tipped off to a hoarder's house that had been stuffed to the brim with over 250,000 records. The company, Apollo Music out of British Columbia, purchased the entire house after the owner passed, and from surveying the collection, it seems as if the man had some great taste. The records are remarkably in decent condition. As Apollo Music puts it, the best part of the collection is “The 45′s, about 20,000 on shelves, mostly all original ‘as new’ store stock Rock & roll & Rockabilly, and oddball stuff, plus hundreds of Pristine EPs ranging from Elvis, Ricky Nelson, Country Artists, to the Rare Carl Perkins Columbia EP.”

You can check out the insane pictures at this link, and read the rest of Apollo Music's story about acquiring the house and the records. We look forward to a future where our laptops are raided after our death to sell our old mp3s . . . wait . . .