Beers by drone are about to change your life

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You know when you're at Northside or Pitchfork Festival, or heaven forbid, Coachella, and you think, “Man it'd be great if someone just dropped a beer right on my head and I didn't have to wait in line / move my body / figure out where the beer even is”? With the invention of beer drones, your life just got so much easier. In South Africa at the OppiKoppi music festival this summer, beer drones invented by Darkwing Aerials (I know) will be debuted in the first ever experiment with mobile alcohol delivery drops. The festival organizers have shared a video that shows the beer drop in action, and with the minor glitch of the beer potentially falling right on your head and knocking you unconscious, it'll probably be a success. Particularly because you get to order it from your smart phone.

The demand for beer drones is already high, naturally, so expect this technology to sweep around our way soon. Watch a video of the beer drop in action below.