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Black Marble A Different Arrangement

Brooklyn’s Black Marble are now streaming their debut LP, A Different Arrangement [Hardly Art], over at the band’s Soundcloud just week before its proper release on October 9, 2012. A Different Arrangement sings singer/bassist Chris Stewart and keyboardist Ty Kube, former Team Robespierreian, continuing their dark and wet post-punk throwback sound they featured on their Valentines Day EP vinyl release, Weight Against the Door.

A Different Arrangement maintains a steady-gaited, minimalist electronic percussion that provides plenty of space for the band's slow cooked melodies, tight bouncing bass licks, and syncopated synth riffs to breathe. True to form, Black Marble’s deep baritone vocal lines still take the listener to the water’s edge of a gloomy sadness, while the bands sharp instrumentation prevents the tracks from ever reflecting pure despair. On tracks like the bands’ standout singles offered back in September ,“Static” and “A Great Design”, Stewart and Kube often find swaying, energetic beauty in their 80's soaked darkness. Listen to the singles below:

A Different Arrangement is available for preorder at Hardly Art and will be released on October 9th, 2012.