BOMB Coffee Celebrates Veteran’s Day All Month Long

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Veteran-owned coffee company BOMB Coffee began roasting this year just outside of Chicago and has released two of the most amazing blends to tickle your senses when you need a caffeine boost.  Their original blend is a bold, flavorful, intensely caffeinated mixture made with Robusta beans, which contain the highest caffeine content on the planet. Many drinkers boast that they don’t even have to put sugar or cream in it, as the flavor is so incredible. And they took it a step further with their limited release bourbon-infused blend that doesn’t mask the bourbon taste. Besides their coffee rack filled with bags of beans and your occasional K-Cup, you can find your next most comfortable t-shirt among their merchandise options.

But that’s not all. As a veteran-owned establishment, BOMB Coffee is taking liberties during the entire month of November to donate 22% of all sales to aid in the reduction of veteran suicides. The percentage comes from the painstaking average of 22 veterans who take their lives every single day.

“Every day over 20 veterans take their life out of fear, traumatic brain injuries, or PTSD,” states co-founder Robert Pricipato. “It’s an epidemic that no one wants to talk about, but one we can fight with more support and access to better resources.

If you hurry, you can order some of the bourbon blend before it runs out. (As stated, this is a super limited release.) Plus, with the holidays on the way you can get gifts checked off your list. All orders $50 and over come with free shipping!


Check out BOMB Coffee today, and be on your way to benefitting the lives of those who serve and protect.