Cropped Out Fest releases schedule, shares mixtape

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Louisville's DIY festival Cropped Out Fest has announced its schedule for next weekend, September 27-29. In conjunction with the schedule the fest has released a playlist featuring 23 of the over 30 bands playing during the two day span, helping festival goers avoid the customary and migraine-inducing scheduling conflicts. Cropped Out has also announced a kick-off party Thursday and a closing party on Sunday, as well as on-site camping for the first time in its four year lifetime.

Set times and locations are listed below. Tickets for all festival events can be found here

Friday, September 27
5:00PM – White Reaper (Turners Tavern)
5:25PM – Spelling Bee (Goosebump Galley)
5:55PM – Tweens (Phreedom Hall)
6:20PM – Promised Land (Turners Tavern)
6:45PM – Salad Influence (Goosebump Galley)
7:15PM – Spray Paint (Phreedom Hall)
7:40PM – Watery Love (Turners Tavern)
8:05PM – Blues Control (Goosebump Galley)
8:35PM – Juanita (Phreedom Hall)
9:00PM – Hair Police (Turners Tavern)
9:25PM – Shit & Shine (Goosebump Galley)
9:55PM – Endtables (Phreedom Hall)
10:20PM – Steve Gunn (Turners Tavern)
10:55PM – Bill Orcutt/Chris Corsano (Goosebump Galley)
11:35PM – Endless Boogie (Phreedom Hall)

Saturday, September 28
2:30PM – Asm A Tik (Turners Tavern)
2:55PM – Neighbor (Goosebump Galley)
3:25PM – Today's Hits (Phreedom Hall)
3:50PM – Mote (Turners Tavern)
4:15PM – Quail Bones (Goosebump Galley)
4:45PM – Connections (Phreedom Hall)
5:10PM – Tom Blacklung (Turners Tavern)
5:35PM – Running (Goosebump Galley)
6:05PM – Rinehart (Phreedom Hall)
6:30PM – New England Patriots (Turners Tavern)
6:55PM – Thee Open Sex (Goosebump Galley)
7:25PM – Montag (Phreedom Hall)
7:50PM – SKIMASK (Turners Tavern)
8:15PM – Kal Marks (Goosebump Galley)
8:45PM – Mayo Thompson and The Corky's Debt Band
9:10PM – Jaye Jayles (Turners Tavern)
9:35PM – Borbetomagus (Goosebump Galley)
10:05PM – Wolf Eyes (Phreedom Hall)
10:30PM – Human Eye (Turners Tavern)
11:05PM – CAVE (Goosebump Galley)
11:45PM – Matt Sweeney and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy Play Superwolf (Phreedom Hall)