Crystal Stilts, In Love With Oblivion

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Crystal Stilts is beaming down another installment of their intergalactic garage rock (is it weird to hear their many layers of reverb and shimmering keys and think: “space”? Doesn't Brad Hargett sound like a planetarium narrator-cum-crooner? No. Not weird at all) on April 12.

In Love With Oblivion, the band's sophomore effort, seeks to build on the perfect amalgamation of 60's pop, 80's New Wave, and generally unworldly sounds that was Alight of Night.

“Magnetic Moon” has a terrific loping, tambourine-charged beat and dead-on Reckoning-era Peter Buck guitar licks. “Shake the Shackles” occupies a bigger sonic space (we're back in the planetarium) with whooshing transitions, walls of organ and furiously strummed chords, while Hargett makes a serious melody sound effortless.

Crystal Stilts “Magnetic Moon” by Slumberland Records

Crystal Stilts “Shake the Shackles” by Slumberland Records