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Death Grips, Government Plates

With no alarm, Death Grips' new album, Government Plates, is causing torrent sites to self-destruct, their own Third Worlds label to be virtually void, but Soundcloud is sustaining for now. After posting the album art to Facebook along with a download zip and mirror only an hour ago, there are over 700 comments of kids losing their minds with emoticons and serial swearing over obtaining or being denied access to Government Plates. It's a goddamn shit-storm that no meterologist could have predicted, thus we're all out in the shit-rain with no slickers or bumbershoots.

For now, stream Goverment Plates, which features previously released “Birds” and tracks with titles like “This Is Violence (Don't Get Me Wrong)” and “You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it's your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat,” which is challenging our friends Weird Wives for the most characters in a title.

To accompany the new record, Death Grips have created a series of visuals for the record streaming on their Youtube Channel.