Descendents / All need your footage of them

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One of the most important pop-punk bands have a movie being made about them. It's actually a documentary, and they're looking for your help.

The Descendents broke new ground in the early 80s, by taking the punk concept and adhering it to emotional and melodic topics—most notably, being nerds that were rejected by girls. The thick rimmed glasses worn by frontman Milo Aukerman and iconically depicted as the band's logo was not a fashion statement; he later left the band to pursue his doctorate in biochemistry. That's when they became All, an ideology and concept derived from the Descendents previous album of the same name that would allow the “band” to continue despite numerous lineup changes.

This story is, of course, very well documented. Your nerdy obsession however, is not. But it can be.

The people over at Filmage are making a feature length documentary of the band(s) and are looking for old and current photos, video and film. They even want to see the Milo tattoo you have on your ass. If you have said ass tattoo, or anything you feel is relevant, you should contact Filmage here. In the meantime, here's a teaser, which only shows the band in their current, fluffier state.