Saturday's Drone Marathon

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Brooklyn-based production company and label Electric Temple is sponsoring The First Annual Drone Marathon at Issue Project Room this Saturday the 16, including a set by one of the genre's progenitors, Tony Conrad.

Six composers/artists/musicians will curate portions of the 10-hour event, which promises to create a “living sound installation” and foster a communal, meditative experience. Drone can be an admittedly “patience-testing” genre, but hey, as granddaddy used to say: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The First Annual Drone Marathon
October 16, Issue Project Room
2pm-midnight, $10 ($9 advance, $8 members)


Ancient Ocean/Tom Carter/Century Plants-2pm
Noveller/Shahin Motia (Oneida) duo-3:30pm
Kyle Bobby Dunn (solo)-4:30pm
Phill Niblock-6pm Tony Conrad-8pm
Marcia Bassett (with Margarida Garcia, Aki Onda, & Barry Weisblat)-10pm