El-P in Atlanta w/ Killer Mike & Big Boi

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No solid news just yet, but some recent tweets and a SoundCloud snippet confirmed that El-P was in Atlanta putting in studio time with Killer Mike and Big Boi.

There's a photo of Killer Mike and El-P getting some southern cooking after what appears to have been some late hours in the studio judging from El-P's mug, which sports an eye-twitch and serious struggle to smile. Then there's the legitimate excitement of the photo we're running with this news blip of the duo joined by Big Boi, in an actual studio and not just any ole' actual studio, but the legendary Stankonia studios.

El-P has left the Dirty South, in his trails are three potential tracks with Killer Mike, one of which sounds a little something like this, a.k.a. murderous. Also in his trail are several tweets regarding @therealelp's enjoyment for farting on a plane, which destroyed my my fleeting faith in Twitter being a viable news source. #smh4tmi