Another excerpt from James Ferraro's resurrected BODYGUARD project

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james ferraro

Earlier this month, James Ferraro dropped the hint that he would be reviving his BODYGUARD project from 2012 by premiering a trappy R&B track on Youtube called “WĒNQUÁN (EXCERPT).” He's just released another installment, “EXCERPT 2,” which joins autotuned sex-musiq R&B samples and a synth beat with shots of a diamond ring-clad Ferraro passing out in a chair and doing shadow puppets on the wall.

Doing away with the line that separates music videos and digital video art, Ferraro recycles concepts, sounds, and images that would otherwise collect dust on a Gateway hard drive. But words have never done his brand of weird any justice; you have to hear to believe.

As of April 29 10:30 a.m. no news of a release date for the resurrected BODYGUARD project has been announced.