Fiasco Call it Quits

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Fiasco was formed when the members were still in high school, and people grow and change (and move away for college), but we're still really bummed to hear this official announcement of their breakup, via their blog:

“All good things must come to end, like the Star Wars trilogy, the Roman Empire, and the Montreal Expos and Fiasco is no exception. We feel that it is time to move on to other projects, especially with the fact that one member has switched coasts and is trying to permanently live there (sorry for the East Coast betrayal). As some of you may know, we are notorious for not getting our shit together. The new t-shirts are still in a basement in Chinatown, and we still haven't released our newest album which was recorded before we all started college (year number 4 coming up by the way). The lack of not having our proverbial “shit” together has cost us momentum. For this reason, The Front will be released, as well the rest of our discography, for free on Bandcamp in the coming weeks.”

Of course, we're partial, being that we released their Native Canadians LP back when you still considered including a CD with the packaging. But here's the thing: they did have their shit together! Magnificently! How could they play so fiercely with a lack of shit-togetherness? How could they tour so thoroughly, including many jaunts to major festivals? I beg to differ on this point. Most teenagers spend most of their time Googling how to make home-made bongs and text messaging about each other, so I really think these kids had their shit together. Bon Voyage, boys, and good luck in your travels. We will continue to enjoy your new projects (Zulus, Tetsuo, Acid Cum, Old Table) and make it to your goodbye shows at Shea Stadium in August.