Full Invisible Superstars compilation streaming online

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This is a collaboration between R-Rock of The Secret Life of Sound records and Controller 7. You don't have to read. Just click here. It's pretty great headphone-heading-into-evening music. For real. Anyway, if you need words (this is really more effort than clicking) here goes: There's a lot of variety on this comp. We've got Thomas Dimuzio's processed squalls, Skoweyajeed's subterranean World-inflected beat collages, PNS' stringy hip hop flourishes, Corsic's sinewy Board of Canada jazz ballads, Mormon Freegan's destabilized funk dirges, Meatsock's um… ravey drum and bass moonscapes? That, and plenty of other tracks that can only be enjoyed through vague metaphors.

Corsic, “Romoxy”

Controller 7, “Consumer”