Future Push: Compilation One

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Sacramento based label Future Push recently released their label manifesto the Future Push: Compilation One, which is an assured and accessible electro-pop statement. Starting out quietly, Good Amount's “Thought” emanates a crushed and moody aura with its buzzing and whimpering synthesizers. Things remain fairly synth-ish with the Impotent Ninja's “Holy Mountain Dreams.” On that track, The Impotent Ninja creates a dense soundscape not unlike some demented eighties sci-fi flick. Here's where the Future Push Compilation makes a remarkable 180: Evan Bailey's beautiful and all too short “Bitterness.” “Bitterness” opens with a progressive and mildly distorted drum machine, before turning into a rollicking and buzzing pop jam, with Bailey's tender and unaffected vocals the defining part of the song. The tape continues on using Future Push's signature blend of pop and electronic, with Odd Moniker's catchy “Little Might”, Fine Step's guitar led “Comfort Kids”, and lo-fi industrial cut “Sea Org,” by Adam Healton. A compilation highlight is pop collagist Pregnant's fine addition “DOOF Remiks,” which features skittering drums, chiming samples, and what sounds like reversed and treated guitars.

With patience, the Future Push: Compilation One rewards its listeners, and it is a sign of great things to come from a inspired and creative new force. Be sure to look at other releases from the label and scope out future tapes at the Future Push Bandcamp. Listen to the Future Push: Compilation One below.