Ghostface and MF Doom Collab finally in progress

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It's been six years since the release of Ghostface Killah's fifth album, FishScale, one which heavily featured production from everyone's favorite incognito producer, MF Doom. Then, after their Heavy Metal mixtape together became avaialable a year later, the world has been waiting for the incredibly hyped up collaboration album they've been saying they were going to release since 2007. But hype is hype, and nothing transpired.

Finally, in a video interview posted last week and filmed at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (so take this with a grain of salt), Ghostface all but confirms definitely that the record will be coming out this year under the name DOOMSTARKS. And according to an interview with Montreality, he is thinking somewhere around Halloween 2013. Spooky, scary. Here's the video below:

And in further Ghostface news, as we wait for this collab to actually come to fruition, we have confirmation that Ghostface's next solo record, Supreme Clientele 2: Blue & Cream, the sequel to 2000's Supreme Clientele, will be released in either “July, September, or August.” Months mean nothing to a gangster.