Heavy Hawaii, “Airborne Kawasaki”

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Heavy Hawaii

San Diego contains a very small and tight-knit indie music scene. It's a scene that tends to remain off the radar, but every once in awhile produces unique and ambitious talent. San Diego natives Heavy Hawaii have worked hard for many years to put their music out there and it seems their diligence is paying off. Heavy Hawaii is set to release their new LP, Goosebumps, on March 19 through Art Fag Records.

“Airborne Kawasaki” is the first single off of Goosebumps. It shows the progress Heavy Hawaii has made since their maiden voyage as a band, but still bears the same originality and dissonance that makes Heavy Hawaii, well, Heavy Hawaii. Front man, Matt Bahamas, compares HH to “something like your dad's oldies cassettes, all melted and shit.” “Airborne Kawasaki” is a blend of briny keys and salty guitars. These merge with Bahamas's loose, waterlogged voice to breed a warped tour de force.