Helado Negro to release third installment in Island Universe Story series

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Helado Negro

Helado Negro recently announced the third installment in his Island Universe Story series, set to drop May 6 on Asthmatic Kitty. For those unfamiliar, The series has been Robert Lange's (aka Helado Negro) vehicle to further explore the imprint of his past releases. Island Universe Story is not a placeholder between records, a teaser release, a build up or a time killer. Lange views the series as a shadow to his full lengths, dialogue in a continuous narrative.

Think of it as though Helado Negro has access to alternate planes on the space time continuum. He travels there to find his record in its altered existence and returns with variations on his work in this reality. “It's a parallel to the continuum of the album,” explains Lange. They're “something next to the albums, on kind of their own timeline.” Island Universe Story Three features uniqe takes on Canta Lechuza and Invisible Life.

Preorder Island Universe Story Three now on Asthmatic Kitty. The cassette is out May 6.