JMC Aggregate launches label with six tapes

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JMC Aggregate

Brooklyn booking guru JMC Aggregate has cooked up something super cool for next week, or, just another super cool thing to add to an already lengthy list of super cool things. To kickstart a JMC Aggregate “label” of sorts, JMC has put together Organechs, a series of six short albums released on cassette. Each tape features a compilation of sounds and songs from different band, accompanied by a visual piece by artist James Moore. The lineup is primarily New York-based (Trabajo, Palm, Palberta, and Big Neck Police) with some D.C./Rhode Island magic sprinkled in there too (Cigarette and Sediment Club respectively).

It’s a lot of music to parse through. Try out Chapel Sounds by Cigarette first, maybe? The album wears this baked golden expression, almost like it’s set in a 1980’s art film in which the protagonist just sits on a beach crying into a Devo t-shirt, pouring sand out of their Chuck Taylors, all while trying to eat a really soft cookie. Best part? It’s all streaming online.

The series is due out on July 12. If six albums by six dope bands isn’t enough, each band will be under the same roof for a release show at Shea Stadium on the same day the tapes are available. You can pre-order any of the tapes at JMC’s website or bandcamp.

You can stream the Palberta cassette below: