Morrissey releases new line of “murder” merch

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Yesterday, Smiths frontman, animal activist and overall crazy person, Morrissey released an interesting new line of merch items including a controversial T-shirt affirming his strong views on animal rights.

The red t-shirt reads in bold white letters, “Be kind to animals or I will kill you. Morrissey.” It also comes in blue. Of course, along with this intimidating t-shirt, Morrissey has released an entire fall line of products that will remind you that he is going to eventually kill you. Including these Morrissey boxing gloves that he will use to beat the shit out of you. This Morrissey pillow case reminding you are never safe (even when you are sleeping). This Morrissey cross necklace that he will strangle you with if you even think about being unkind to an animal and this adorable mouse matt (pictured below). On it, is a picture of Morrissey in a bathtub with a face that says, “I will fucking kill you.” You can check out the rest of the merch here and remind yourself how crazy Morrissey is here.