Neon Marshmallow Fest announce initial lineup

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Neon Marshmallow Fest 2011

Last year marked the inaugural launch of what was arguably the most fully-flushed out and completist lineup of worldwide experimental noise 'n sonic jack-offs the country had seen. This year's Neon Marshmallow Fest promises to up the ante, if the initial lineup announcements are any indication. Drum roll, now:

Morton Subotnick
Oneohtrix Point Never
Bill Orcutt
White Rainbow
Rene Hell
The Rita
Pulse Emitter
Outer Space (John from Emeralds)
Spiral Joy Band (members of Pelt)
Sword Heaven
Telecult Powers
James Plotkin
Leslie Keffer
Sick Llama
Dylan Ettinger
Mike Shiflet
Beau Wanzer

Morton Subotnick!? The grandaddy of electronic music himself. And “more to come.” The festival runs June 10-12 at the Empty Bottle in Chicago, and limited weekend passes are available here.