New: Our Brother the Native, “Well Bred”

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Our Brother the Native

According to the Australian girl currently crashing on our couch, this postal service group is “like TV on the Radio gone funny” which for me is another way of saying it's got all the signposts pointing towards the formalistic tinkering of modern pop/rock that some people (your mom?) still think should be called alt, stuff that's almost ready for the radio if we weren't living in a post-radio era trying somewhat desperately to reinvent both pop music and a way to sell it. Luckily Our Brother the Native don't have to worry that much about those distinctions because they've gone “funny”, and bent out of shape thusly, they can continue veering off into denser and more exotic terrains that include both the blanket ambience of classic post rock and the tinkering instrumental of Stars Like Fleas.

They put out some work in 2005, and their second full length Sacred Psalms is available for pre-order now.

Our Brother the Native, “Well Bred”