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Daughters of the Sun

[Album art for Rings by Josh Journey-Heinz.]

Owing to the perfect pitch Panda Bear reverb and the band's contemporaneous interest in positive melodic progression that's as much hymnal as rock-anthemic, Minneapolis' Daughters of the Sun's second LP opens with what will inevitably be deciphered as another casualty of the Animal Collective apocalypse. In those particular tracks, Daughters are still more interested in traditional guitar feedback (see the slow burn draw-out of “Hymalaya”) than their big brothers from a more tweaked out mother, and also equally indebted to the true roots of guitar psychedelia.

And beyond being incredibly catchy, those songs are sequenced towards the front to leave room for the expansive “Real Touch” and its follow-up, the straight outta Sublime Frequencies “Field Recordings: India.” They're showing off their range with this second full-length, subtly slipping a few different worlds (Tablas? West African vocal stylizing?), piled heavy in their kitchen sink of meditation and drone.

Daughters of the Sun, “Hymalaya”

The release has been out since April, and you can order it as vinyl with mp3 download code at Modern Radio.