Nick Cave to help write The Crow reboot

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In case you're not aware, Nick Cave is a total badass. Not only has he written a bajillion songs about murder, he's also written two novels, as well as the screenplay for the critically acclaimed movie The Proposition. It seems that his knowledge of murder ballads and western movies has scored him another job. He's been asked to help do script re-writes for the reboot of The Crow.

It's a good thing that they asked Mr. Cave to help because it sure doesn't say much for the strength of the script when you have to call someone in to save it. The Crow franchise needs saving though, and who better than someone who was in Birthday Party, one of the darkest of 80s post-punk groups. One thing that's guaranteed is that somewhere in the midwest there's a kid with Tim Burton tattoos, a Bauhaus poster on his wall, and a wardrobe from Hot Topic going apeshit right about now.

In other Nick Cave news, his side project Grinderman (which released one of the best songs of 2007 in “No Pussy Blues”) is set to release their sophomore album, aptly titled Grinderman 2, on September 14.

Stream the first single, “Heathen Child”: